About us

Our mission

Our mission is to connect exceptional people to move the world forward. That's why we're launching Sabre Campus this April, bringing Sabre resources and talent to Krakow's technology ecosystem.

We are inspired by leaders who use technology to solve real life problems. We are impressed by people who through their relentless nature, perseverance and sheer will bring about changes that impact all of us.

We aspire to build a vibrant tech community of like-minded individuals who eagerly learn, share and grow to maximize their human potential. That's why we're bring Sabre's resources, connections and best practices to Krakow's tech scene.

We know the most important thing for ambitious professionals at any level of their career is access to mentorship and training, community events and absolutely top-notch experts who have done unimaginable things themselves, only that sparks a fire of one's imagination.

One of the best ways to do it is to connect you to mentors, provide educational programs and opportunities like in-person workshops, trainings and help with everything from personal goal-setting to methods to get where you want to be. Our mission will remain constant - let the journey begin.